Customers demand high-quality products, expect good availability, accurate information and technical support. Animal health producers look for ways to satisfy this demand and to prevail on the Czech market. Cymedica enters this arena equipped with knowledge of the market and the experience of its founders. Distribution of FDAH and ROCHE products forms the main pillar of sales.

Cymedica extends its product portfolio with products for small animals. Duramune canine vaccines and Felovax feline vaccines quickly reach significant position on animal health market. Cymedica establishes its Slovak branch in Trebisov and starts the distribution of ROCHE and FDAH products marketing Slovakia.

Czech and Slovak laws governing the sale of animal health products and feed additives are getting harmonized with EU legal norms. The Czech market is considerably influenced by the economic recover package. Cymedica actively reacts to the changed conditions by seeking new strategies. FDAH successfully completes the acquisition of Solvay-Duphare and this enables Cymedica to enter into poultry health business..

The company stabilises its positions in Czech and Slovak market and implements new strategies enforced by the ban of some antibiotics. Cymedica adds Suvaxyn M-Hyo to its portfolio. The activities of the Slovak branch are gradually taken over by Cymedica, SK based in Zvolen.

Cymedica changes its management system, closes its office in Prague and its staff moves to a newly built administrative building in Hořovice. Cymedica defines its corporate mission, prepares a three-year strategic development plan that defines the strategy focussed on expanding its territory and adding products to its portfolio. Cymedica acquires distribution business from company Avrachem and starts distribution of IDEXX PAS diagnosticin Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Cymedica acquires Anico, spol. s r.o. This leads to extension of product portfolio by own antibiotic premixes and high-quality animal health products of Boehringer Ingelheim, ECO and Genitrix. Thus the Cymedica portfolio now includes products such as Metacam, Buscopan, Aivlosin and Caniquantel. Cymedica establishes the subsidiary in Ukraine. Cymedica UA is located in Kiev and sales and marketing activities start in December 2000.

Cymedica significantly innovates the portfolio of canine vaccines for dogs and launches the unique Duramune MAX line in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine . Cymedica successfully integrates sales, marketing and manufacturing activities of Anico.

Cymedica completes the construction of the new warehouse and mixing plant of antibiotic premixes in Hořovice, obtains a new production permit respecting EU criteria and forms the subsidiary in Hungary. Cymedica HU is based in Budapest. The cooperation with Medisoft, s.r.o. starts in the second half of 2002 and this leads to the sale and co-marketing of Specific diets and WinvetCymedica – the vet practise software..

Cymedica successfully completes certification of the QMS according to ISO 9001 and improves its position on foreign markets.. In the second half of the year Cymedica acquires Medisoft’s veterinary division. This acquisition results to boosted distribution of IDEXX CAG biochemical and hematologic analyzers in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary entered the European Union. We seek and find ways to eliminate the threatening halt in production of several key products produced outside the EU. We streamline sales in the Czech Republic and complete the acquisition of company Dakovit’s veterinary division in Hungary. We create a new organizational structure in Slovakia and Hungary resulting to more effective servicing customers on both markets. The Ukraine organization goes through significant organizational changes that lead to improved teamwork and considerable growth of the company.

We intensively work in carrying out our mission and preparing for further territorial expansion. In January we started distribution of FDAH products in Hungary. In the second half of the year we organized a subsidiary in Moscow that is to distribute FDAH companion animal products in Russian Federation. We had started centralization of logistics in the CR, SR and HU..

We transfer feed additive business to the company Cyprexa, a.s. This enables us to better focus on vet and diagnostics products. We heavily invested into our new property in Hořovice to be ready for the future growth. We start distribution of IDEXX water microbiology products in Ukraine. We expect further increase of our market share in Ukraine and Hungary. The harmonization of key process across all Cymedicas and improved quality of the information system remain a high priority.

The extensive renovation of the administrative building in Czech Republic is starting.Cymedica enters into collaboration with company Bimeda and introduces intramammary products Kefamast LC and Kefamast DC in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The portfolio was expanded to include the Flexicam non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products from Vetxx, now Dechra.

Cymedica registered severel FDAH animal health products in Russia and started active sales there. The renovations of the Cymedica administrative building and warehouse in Zvolen, Slovak Republic started. The distribution of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica products had been terminated.

Renovations of warehouses and production plant started with aim to build larger spaces corresponding to the growth of business in EEC countries and cover our customers’ needs. Cymedica won the public tender in Czech Republic for the supply of Zulvac 8 bovis and Zulvac 8 ovis vaccine against Bluetongue disease. Pfizer acquired Cymedica’s largest supplier – Fort Dodge Animal Health and intensive negotiations on the future distribution agreement started.

Pfizer Animal Health and Cymedica concluded distribution contract for several markets in March 2010..This opens new perspectives and challenges for further growth of Cymedica in animal health arena.

We launched the Cymedica Plus program designed for our customers – veterinarians. In this program we offered a range of benefits and supports for development of veterinary practices. We hired a new sales manager. We created a dedicated R&D department focusing on development of our own products. We represented new companies – Esteve and Andres Pintaluba. We changed our graphic presentation and the size of our Herriot journal.

We conducted internal reorganization of the company enabling transparent and optimized control of all branches. We obtained the representation of AB Science which allowed us to offer a new unique product to our customers. Expansion of Dechra product portfolio.

We are actively working to expand the company portfolio so that we can offer our customers high quality and affordable products. We will gradually place new products on the market in several countries simultaneously. The company undergoes rapid development of sister companies in Russia and Ukraine.