Our Customers

Our operations in the area of sales, production and distribution of veterinary drugs and animal products can be divided into three main segments:




Here our partners are expecially:

  • Veterinarians
  • Distributors of veterinary medicines
  • Owners


The main focus is on education and prevention. We are ready to provide veterinary clinics with exclusive care, technical and marketing support and training. Everything is tailored to the requirements of the client. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Big farms


  • Through veterinarians
  • Livestock breeders

Cymedica is a reliable partner for large agricultural integrators in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide comprehensive support and assistance in prevention and treatment of diseases. Mutual trust is crucial to us.




We only distribute selected and proven products with the necessary certifications. Many are produced directly by our company, whereby we hold the necessary market authorizations. We also distribute exclusive products from long-term suppliers. You can always contact our customer support or contact our business partner in your region. A stable and trained sales team will guarantee high-quality care and find the optimal solution for your needs.